In My Way…….

I get a lot of my inspiration from people. What gives me the reason to write, I don’t know. It’s satisfying it’s therapeutic it’s my way of communicating with the audience. What I like more then ever is a good listener and someone who appreciates what I have to say. When this is being read by you guys it means a lot and I carry it on. That’s a kickstart, a push, and a silent applause in my mind. I say to myself what more can you possibly ask for if in reality you did have that actual audience, that support or perhaps that just one good friend. We don’t wish to be so particular in life but it’s just so damn hard to come by a caring individual. I’ve met a lot of people in my 25 years of life who are good and bad. If I can make a statistic chart of all the people I called friends and calculate the percentage of the ones that are still in my life that percent would be very small. Is that a good thing? Yes, sure absolutely because why be around those who provide a bad aura around your future, your current situation, and your good spirit. Why have the fake loyalty you don’t deserve or the fake personality or even yet the fake ears. You ever came across those who pretend to care but they don’t? Or even better those particular individuals who seem to only give a rats ass about themselves and their future but did you stop and think for one second  if a how are you ever came to play or if your thoughts were any important. How about feelings….. Perfectly good time taken away on your behalf I’d say. I hate to tell you, your just another brick in the wall. Why does it always have to be about someone or how better they think they are to the point of it being competitive. Accomplishments are something to always be glorified to always be inspired by to keep you going. You have to sometimes remind yourself the potential you have to succeed and how this is your moment to be humble. I’m not saying it’s wrong  but it’s over done. You have those people that allow there beer glass to let it overflow. Has your dreams or thoughts ever been shadowed? Looked down upon or never good enough? I’m sure in most cases it has. lack of encouragement and earnesty is a big settlement now and days. Billy Joel wasn’t kidding when he said “only the good die young” 

“Start your own creek build it to the point where it becomes a river, lead it to the open and Let the ocean take it from there”

Some say Writing is saying what you can’t do in person, I believe it to be just a story 

Naomi Michelle