Give my love to Rose

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Sometimes you hear these songs that hit you later on in life like a rock in the head! Then with an answer haha truly fascinating if you ask me. Songs are meant to unlock your questions over time. I’ve been in situations where I payed no mind to a dedication or a request given to me to acknowledge, how awful? I’m picky with music actually. It’s hard to capture my attention but I’ve learned to be more accepting so whatever. Music to me is like a Popsicle. It’s so good but eventually it has to come to an end and this can be compatible to many things. I’ve overcome fear and also many flaws of mine. I’ve learned when to say and not say something in confrontational events (kinda) I know how to speak out loud and share my thoughts and feelings to crowds of people. I like to be outgoing and rememberable. It’s always good to leave a good impression of yourself to people. Anyways who would have thought that someone’s lyrics can keep you running throughout the day. I mean I ask myself what were they going thru to write such amazing songs? But I’m referring to people such as Johnny Cash, Led Zeppelin, and Paul Banks amazing artist! There songs; these songs in particular have what I call meaning.  It’s keeps me going and makes me a better person. Don’t get me wrong there’s a time and place for everything. These songs explain your hard times and goodtimes and I can relate to almost half of what I hear. “Desperado” Johnny Cash says

-Oh, you’re a hard one,
But I know that you’ve got your reasons.
These things that are pleasin’ you,
Can hurt you somehow.

Made me wonder why I do what I do sometimes. This is therapy to me and a reality check in so many different aspects. I relive what I hear and I love that. It’s a life lesson and a lecture how to be a better you. It helps you understand why you are how you are because like I said you relive it. I like to believe there’s people out there who initially are made for eachother and my biggest accomplishment of analysis towards this process of elimination is another you. How many of you can say your other half has the ability to read your mind? Not many huh….. Find yourself before you find him/she. Your partner should be willing to move mountains for one you and do the impossible because that’s what it takes. It’s not real now in days everything seems so fake and cluster. Social media and dating websites are to artificial. Phones destroyed the people today and separated true companionship. What brings people together is interest.

I’ll start with music because that’s where I can find myself.


Naomi M. Calle




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