Know What Your Getting Yourself Into

I’m that girl who can play the cards right but at the same time know what time and day it is. In every story comes a villain. Us women have the power and access to many things including your minds and your keys to that pretty little cadillac in the back. jk  Besides that we also can be faithful, genuine, and trustworthy “until the day he pushes me away” (TLC) and gives me a hell of a reason not to be. I can’t stand when guys constantly bash on girls because they are cheaters and deceiving. Well did you give them a reason too? Did you get caught up and slip? Did you do something to motivate them too? Guys like to play these p**** a** mind games and pretend they didn’t do anything just to make us look crazy. Okay fine, Cool, perfect you know why? Because we can too, The tables have turned now.

But now we are bad? -_^

I wanted to take the time to write and describe myself so when I look back and read this I can pat my back. Im very blunt and I have a mouth, meaning I love telling you all how it really is. It’s the best way to go to be honest. People will love you and appreciate you more I promise. So then why are we categorized girls? Well we get hit on because we are nice so we automatically lead these f***boys on and fall under the stereotype as an easy going person. We need to come straight forward with men even if it hurts them. Being nice has become a problem today because it’s being taken the wrong way sometimes.I personally am rough and a little on the edge. I like to joke around and be a tomboy sometimes with my friends because ehh that’s who I normally have always been. But it’s important to set first the cards on the deck before your shuffle them. I’ve been told i’m hard to read, i’ve been told i’m secretive, and i’ve been told i’m a taurus alright, whatever that means. That is good in my opinion, try to be as closed in as possible and keep a small circle of friends you tell things too. I Love who I am! not to be cocky or self centered but i’ve done alright for myself. I think us women in general are very powerful  and as they say guys are the men of the household but the women will always be the neck to change direction.

What I realize about the gentlemen here  in table six is how they love a girl with a brain and imagination. (overall) As much as we say they’re all alike i’ve come accross meeting all kinds of guys with different personalities yet still attracted to one. They want one thing when they seek for a girl and it’s a chemical bond. If you are confident, creative, obstruct, and have a wonderful personality you can win anyone over. I like to analyze these so called creatures because I like to see what they purpose. It’s good to read one on time before you get fooled by the wrong one. Pick up lines are important,  as well as the environment and location. Can’t meet men at a bar ! biggest no no! Can’t begin to tell you why that’s not an option. School, dating websites, (ehh) work, parks, or thru someone else like a friend are optional. In this case your best option. 

Just be you, and if things aren’t falling thru as you wish then never be scared to give your back and walk away. I learned to understand that we can’t be weak when it comes to these circumstances because everything happens for a reason. If you got cheated on, broken up with, or left alone in the altar it was for a good reason. Better things are coming your way and it simply wasn’t meant to be.BUT IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Someone else is out there for you, someone better and funnier, and better looking if that helps too! Confidence is key ladies. Be fierce and know your worth. If you have someone worth your time cherish him and if you don’t think so then show him the front door. Sometimes we go thru a phase or we are simply misguided. We need to be smarter than that and play the cards right. Men underestimate us they really do. But don’t take that as a weakness be flattered you know more then them. So when they say why are you shifting? Laugh and hit them with a dab so they can feel paper thin but don’t tell them why.


They’ll take the hint


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