Guys sometimes when you are home alone and the house  is all to yourself and you’re feeling perhaps sad, unwanted, unappreciated, non determined or alone a great way to release that feeling is by cooking. Sometimes being creative in the kitchen makes you feel that you can do anything. If you feel down I guarantee you that this will take your mind off things. By accomplishing and cooking a full course meal it’ll make you feel like you can be more determine and motivated to what you wish to seek towards. The kitchen isn’t for everyone but it doesn’t hurt to try and be imaginative. Placing vegetables and meat along with seasoning may look easy but doesn’t mean it’ll taste how you imagined it to be. Which is why you try and do it again and learn from these small down scales.  When you’re focusing and using the proper ingredients to make something you’re looking for taste right it’ll make you feel so demurgic ! Sometimes I like to invent meals and pretend that I’m cooking for someone so I become more enthusiastic giving me the   reason to want to persue towards something great! this is such a great stress reliever , think about it  you’re paying attention to something so simple and you’ve forgotten what has been bothering you overall. Yeah I know, how original ! Today I made vegetable pasta with vodka sauce and garlic shrimp 🙂 Slamming !! Now I feel like I can conquer the world !!!!


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