“Just Know when…

“Just Know when you truly want success, You’ll never give up on it, No matter how bad the situation may get.”
-who knows

An American Ego Check

I highly disagree with that statement. America is a fantastic country to live in. Great opportunities, everything depends on you and making a difference. Now that being said if you don’t find this country lovely like most of us true Americans do how about you catch a boat somewhere else okay? How About that game though!!!!!

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America is not number one.

*ducks to avoid flying bottles of Budweiser, Coors, Jack Daniels and other related domestic products*

OK, so before you all peg me as a traitor for making this declaration so dangerously close to America’s Independence Day, please hear me out.

What does it mean to be number one? Nelly has an answer, but the rest of us don’t. It is too hard to quantify.

Jamaica v USA World Cup Qualifier 2013How do we determine a rank of nations? Is it measured by military strength? Economic stability? Type of government? Test scores among the youth? Gross domestic product? The Kingdom of Bhutan does not gauge its progress in wealth or GDP statistics. Bhutan measures itself by citizens’ happiness. And really, if you are rich in happiness, who gives a shit about the other stuff. America does. Well actually, we don’t. We are selective fact finders when it comes…

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