In My Way…….

I get a lot of my inspiration from people. What gives me the reason to write, I don’t know. It’s satisfying it’s therapeutic it’s my way of communicating with the audience. What I like more then ever is a good listener and someone who appreciates what I have to say. When this is being read by you guys it means a lot and I carry it on. That’s a kickstart, a push, and a silent applause in my mind. I say to myself what more can you possibly ask for if in reality you did have that actual audience, that support or perhaps that just one good friend. We don’t wish to be so particular in life but it’s just so damn hard to come by a caring individual. I’ve met a lot of people in my 25 years of life who are good and bad. If I can make a statistic chart of all the people I called friends and calculate the percentage of the ones that are still in my life that percent would be very small. Is that a good thing? Yes, sure absolutely because why be around those who provide a bad aura around your future, your current situation, and your good spirit. Why have the fake loyalty you don’t deserve or the fake personality or even yet the fake ears. You ever came across those who pretend to care but they don’t? Or even better those particular individuals who seem to only give a rats ass about themselves and their future but did you stop and think for one second  if a how are you ever came to play or if your thoughts were any important. How about feelings….. Perfectly good time taken away on your behalf I’d say. I hate to tell you, your just another brick in the wall. Why does it always have to be about someone or how better they think they are to the point of it being competitive. Accomplishments are something to always be glorified to always be inspired by to keep you going. You have to sometimes remind yourself the potential you have to succeed and how this is your moment to be humble. I’m not saying it’s wrong  but it’s over done. You have those people that allow there beer glass to let it overflow. Has your dreams or thoughts ever been shadowed? Looked down upon or never good enough? I’m sure in most cases it has. lack of encouragement and earnesty is a big settlement now and days. Billy Joel wasn’t kidding when he said “only the good die young” 

“Start your own creek build it to the point where it becomes a river, lead it to the open and Let the ocean take it from there”

Some say Writing is saying what you can’t do in person, I believe it to be just a story 

Naomi Michelle


Give my love to Rose

Enter a captionSometimes you hear these songs that hit you later on in life like a rock in the head! Then with an answer haha truly fascinating if you ask me. Songs are meant to unlock your questio…

Source: Give my love to Rose

How high can you fly with broken wings?

I see pictures  of Romeo; that’s his name, Romeo on my walls, phone, ipad, picture album, and there are just  memories of him everywhere I go. On june 4th I Discovered my dog passed away. The morning I was going to work pulling out of my driveway I decided to reverse because my bulldog hadn’t gotten up so say bye as I hollered at him “Bye Rome, see you when I get back cutie” there he was laying down but so still that my heart immediately told me something was wrong. i called out to him and there was nothing but silence. He would have turned around. I cried out to him and there he was, stiff as a statue.I have  another dog but he was just as frightened and perhaps in denial knowing the dog who raised him and taught him everything he knows was gone.He was just inside his doghouse. I can tell he was shocked as I was because his shouts and barks that night was because of something, he was crying out to us.  As much as we were checking for anyone outside to see if there was an audience or disturbance we kept telling him to hush. I have this stone in my throat as I write because partially I feel like I have failed my best friend. The one I grew up with and took care of as if he was my own. The one I could never say no to and  would bend backwards for.I gave him everything and loved him hard so hard there wasn’t room for anything else. He knows and only he will know how much I loved him unconditionally. I’m in Pain, Denial,  and serious Agony. When I walk to my car I will never see that face that lit up my world. 

Romeo And I were inseparable.I took him to parks, my friends houses,he got visits from other dogs, he hit Youtube (but late) was our blocks infamously well known bulldog. Wherever we went he’d  be petted. Everyone envied our relationship. There was no collar necessary no leash. He stuck by me like the gum under your shoe. My kisses to him were obnoxiously overdone. My hugs my name calling will forever be a memory to him wherever he goes.  I know he knows I loved him hard to the very end.  I would do anything to bring that dog back absolutely anything to see him again hug him one last time and tell him “I love you Romeo I love you so much.”. My love for him became an obsession i always as a child wanted an English bulldog. To me they were the most beautiful looking dogs ever. I considered myself Elmyra Duff from tiny toons. I spoke about him to everyone but the public enjoyed my stories and  everyone would ask for him. I never would want to imagine this day to happen but i prepared myself for the day it came and it arrived and honestly It stuck me and it hit me so hard that I never felt so broken hearted about anyone up until now. I had him while he was alive healthy and full of life and I never imagined this day happening at least not any time soon. Romeo died at 9 years old.


Lakes, Hikes, Stores, Homes, Events I’d take him. He was friendly and always happy and I was such a proud owner. My tears haven’t stopped falling down from my eyes since I begun writing this blog. I thought it would be healthy to write about it so I can get it off my chest  but it’s only reminded me how life changing this will be.He’s irreplaceable.Out of all the songs i’ve been hearing Aerosmith ‘Amazing’ helped me overcome some strength. Music, like i’ve said previously in my blogs has a serious impact in one’s life. No one’s words helped me and calmed my sorrow. Tuning out and the music lyrics can only help me  overcome this feeling of  hopeless and helpless. My family will truly miss him, my friends will miss him and mostly remember him and me in memory of always speaking of him and bringing him around. I of all people will Truly miss him more then anyone will ever know. My heart is screaming for him and I will never ever forget about him and the joy he brought me. The bad times he was there and the good times he was there he was my Rock my best friend, my pal. When his tail wagged it made me happy to know that I made him happy. I sure as hell was not ready for this….

Rome…………….. I’ll be thinking about you

Rest Easy


-Naomi M. Calle

Know What Your Getting Yourself Into

I wanted to take the time to write and describe myself so when I look back and read this I can pat my back. Im very blunt and I have a mouth, meaning I love telling you all how it really is. It’s the best way to go to be honest. People will love you and appreciate you more I promise. So then why are we categorized? Well we get hit on because we are nice so we automatically lead men into falling and we are then placed under the impression as easy going?

We need to come straight forward with men even if it hurts them. Being nice has become a problem today because it’s being taken the wrong way sometimes. I personally am rough and a little on the edge. I like to joke around and be a tomboy sometimes with my friends because ehh that’s who I normally have always been. But it’s important to set first the cards on the deck before your shuffle them. I’ve been told I’m hard to read, I’ve been told I’m secretive, and I’ve been told I’m a Taurus alright, whatever that means. That is good in my opinion, try to be as closed in as possible and keep a small circle of friends you tell things too. I Love who I am! not to be cocky or self centered but i’ve done alright for myself. I think us women in general are very powerful  and as they say guys are the men of the household but the women will always be the neck to change direction.

What I realize about the gentlemen here  in table six is how they love a girl with a brain and imagination. (overall) As much as we say they’re all alike i’ve come accross meeting all kinds of guys with different personalities yet still attracted to one. They want one thing when they seek for a girl and it’s a chemical bond. If you are confident, creative, obstruct, and have a wonderful personality you can win anyone over. I like to analyze these so called creatures because I like to see what they purpose. It’s good to read one on time before you get fooled by the wrong one. Pick up lines are important,  as well as the environment and location. Can’t meet men at a bar ! biggest no no! Can’t begin to tell you why that’s not an option. School, dating websites, (ehh) work, parks, or thru someone else like a friend are optional. In this case your best option. 

Just be you, and if things aren’t falling thru as you wish then never be scared to give your back and walk away. I learned to understand that we can’t be weak when it comes to these circumstances because everything happens for a reason. If you got cheated on, broken up with, or left alone in the altar it was for a good reason. Better things are coming your way and it simply wasn’t meant to be.BUT IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. Someone else is out there for you, someone better and funnier, and better looking if that helps too! Confidence is key ladies. Be fierce and know your worth. If you have someone worth your time cherish him and if you don’t think so then show him the front door. Sometimes we go thru a phase or we are simply misguided. We need to be smarter than that and play the cards right. Men underestimate us they really do. But don’t take that as a weakness be flattered you know more then them. So when they say why are you shifting? Laugh and hit them with a dab!


They’ll take the hint

Free Bird

You’ll never know what to expect from this one………..

Hudson River/ Pier 115/Edgewater

There’s nothing more pleasant than hearing someone say you’ve made their day

Surround yourself with laughs and jokes and good times because that’s what life depends on.

Take pictures, It’ll last longer……………..

Someday You’ll Realize

Change is key

When I’m there for you, you aren’t

When I run to you, you don’t

When I listen to you, you can’t

When I call you, you won’t

When I tell you something, you don’t listen

When I cry to you, you mope 

When I’m kind to you, you’re not

When I Love you, you choke

When I’m gone, you’ll run and see that you’re lonely with no more of me 



Numbers are forgotten (24)

cropped-25.png   I can’t sit here and write this without acknowledging how this bothers me – to know that a number can affect me -_^ I spend my time reminiscing as much as I don’t want too then thinking about what I should be acting upon. Living is remembering so I embrace every moment of a happy thought. As you get older the clock ticks faster and everything runs quicker and then your mind slows down because you become frighten. What you wish to happen next will it? Or will you make it in life? Sometimes we all set our dreams to the side to finish one thing we’ve had in mind that just so happened to…. well you know. Is it what we really want and will it make me happy? I bet a large percent of us don’t really do what we love. It all sounds like a fantasy or the lottery when you really think of the one thing you had wish to have done. There’s not one day that goes by that I don’t think about something that has to do with me (my happiness) It’s not selfish; it can reflect on others as well. I have thought about so much over the last couple of years and where I want to be. I was once told to pursue what  I will say this; believe it, achieve it, and do it. Don’t let the numbers in your life intimidate you because you tend to believe there is a limit.  Being under pressure sure takes a punch in the wall. I hate that you know. From the wound you then become a child to a teenager then soon into an adult and that’s where your gears shift. You go to the best colleges find a great man/woman get a job work till your pension, buy a new home breed some children, raise them then you grow old and die! All that, not in that order though. A little to the edge and straight forward but that’s the life cycle ain’t it! Then I ask myself, is that all? That it? I don’t want to be that person, who lives a routine life day after day. I’m not the average person who wants a desk job or cubicle! Raising children, living in the suburbs and driving the minivan to soccer games. I have so much more expectations!  I live the made up life in my head. I’ve been told and by now I’ve learned that  you must strive for the endless. Let the years bring us all what we’ve been looking for! 


 I wish I can close my eyes and when I open them I’m somewhere else. Somewhere so far away that numbers and time wouldn’t matter. I need to find my Peace, my Sanity, my Sanctuary and My Creativity. 

I need to find me.  

-Naomi M. Calle



This day meant everything ………………..

Like a restless leaf in the autumn breeze
Once I was a tumblin’ weed
Like a rollin’ stone, cold and all alone
Living for the day my train would come
I never cared for school or any golden rules
Papa used to always say I was a useless fool
So I left my home to show them thay was wrong
And headed out on the road singing my song
Then one sunny day. The man, he looked my way
And everything that I dreamed of, it was real
Money, “boys” and cars; and big long cigars
And I caught the first plane home so papa would see


This topic was not what I expected to have written today for my blog but what’s a better way to vent then writting about it. Guys whoever is reading this, don’t ever take life for granted, it’s too short and taken away from those who earnestly cherish it the most. I lost one of my best friends today, someone who I’ve known over 10 years. This person took a piece of my heart with him today. Sigh I am lost with words and I can’t seem to think of anything that can take me back to reality. I feel like I’m floating and everything stopped moving. I haven’t consumed drugs but I feel numb.  I am not religious but I am reconsidering to know why. What happens next? Have you ever thought of that? My friend is gone……….what about after?  This has to be incredibly surreal, I am trippen out and the only thing holding me together is listening to L. Zeppelin & Skynyrd. “All I can do is write about it” by Lynyrd is my clarity. You know something….  Life is a fucking bitch, how can someone so good leave us? how did I not follow up with him after his doctor appointment? throw me a fuckng bone.  I never met someone who was so goddamn motivated to follow his dreams so enthusiastic to live another day, a man who said he will travel the world and so he does. When I first met you, you told me you were going to travel. We had to have been 14 or 15 years old. Talk is cheap now and days but he was living his dream life. He went from complete poverty to the life he always wanted. He wanted to be free, he wanted to be happy, and he wanted most importantly to get out.  Daniel was so  free spirited and so open minded, young and wild,  and happy. He loved everything even if he didn’t know of it. So special he was so gradually excepting towards me and everyone that he had an impact on their lives.  He’ll always be in my thoughts, in my mind, and in my memory. You left us at such a young age, but like Billy Joel says “only the good die young” The moral of this story is to inspire, to realize that you shouldn’t take anyone for granted and you should appreciate them. Ones life can be taken away faster then a lightening bolt. I don’t even want to rant about how much pain I feel as to how I wasn’t  there these couple of days while my friend was suffering. We should always make time for the people who matter the most because you never know the day after tomorrow what it holds for you. And so today I learned and I saw what it brung me………………….






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